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Our Team -Together Everyone Achieves More

We are a team focused on dental practice with a strong emphasis on dental practice with a strong emphasis on preventive care and general dentistry to help you and your family achieve and keep a healthy smile for life. During your consultation, we like to take the time to discuss with you all the options available to solve your dental problems so we can provide the treatment that is most suitable to you.


Dr. Yogender Yadav


Dental Surgeon & MDS -Prosthodontist

Dr. Yogender Yadav is a qualified, confident medical practitioner for more than 14 years, and as a head of his team he knows how to bring best out of his team. He believes in equality. Respect for his team and for his patients is his priority.

At City Dental Clinic, he is building trusting, long-lasting relationships with his patients while providing them with the best dental care possible. He enjoys educating patients and provide them information on how to maintain great heath every day at home. He is creating awareness about the Dental health and try to handle the myths of his patients.

He understands many people are fearful of the dentist, but DR. Yadav and his staff will always make sure patients are at ease. DR. Yadav is down to earth and try to come to the ground of the patients to understand the exact problem and provide the best advice and treatment.


Dr. Arunika Yadav


Dr. Arunika Yadav is another pillar for the clinic with her 8 years of experience in the Dentistry. She is  RCT specialist with her outstanding skills with her interactive and confident behaviour make her patients comfortable.  When it comes to work, there is no matching her outstanding skills, modest nature and her passion for professionalism. She is interested in teaching and learning. Hence this help our team and never lack in any updates.

Dr. Deepti (Professor)

MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Deepti with her 11 years of experience in Orthodontics. She is a certified specialist and a Professor. She is expert in treating and straightening mal-aligened, crowded, spaced teeth, teeth with braces which could be steel braces, ceramic braces or lingual braces (these are put on the inner surface of the teeth) and aligners which could be Invisalign or aligners. Her forte is accelerated orthodontics.

DR. Gaurav Saini

BDS - NIMS University

Dr. Gaurav Saini with his 3 years of experience he is good team player with his great attitude towards his profession. Sincere and RCT expert and other Dentistry like can handle children cases very well.

Dr. Vipul Tomar

BDS - Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Vipul Tomar with his 2 years of experience he is friendly and soft spoken dedicated towards his profession and hard working and a quick learner.

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